What people are saying . . .

“I am feeling like my body is changing. It is so different from my usual approach at the gym; such deliberate and mindful exercises are powerful.”
-- Steph S., Winchester

“Pilates is known for strengthening your core, improving posture, etc., but Angela and Britt take it to the next level. They have the experience and the skill to correct your position in the slightest way which makes an exercise so much more effective. The side benefit, but perhaps the most important, is their constant encouragement and positive reinforcement. They want you to succeed. Their knowledge of human anatomy and the muscles of the body add a level of understanding and ability to work around injuries and chronic issues that keeps you active and strong.”
-- Martha C., Somerville

“Exercising was another chore until I discovered Studio Pilates. Pilates has given me strength, endurance and great muscle tone.”
-- Helen C., Winchester

“I have been an athlete my entire life and continue in the mature time of my life to workout daily. No other workout that I do completely targets, shapes, and tones every muscle group as does Pilates with Angela at Studio Pilates. The proof is not only how great I feel after my session, but also my husband notices my physical and mental confidence. He insists I keep Pilates in my weekly regimen. I agree! Studio Pilates personalizes every session to my needs, keeps variety in the workouts and there’s never a dull moment. I look forward to every session.”
-- Camille B., Medford

“You may not realize it, but the two hours I spend with you and Britt are untouchable. I give my time for a lot of things, but I try my best to not miss those two hours. I wish I could do three!”
-- Marcie C., Somerville

“Pilates was a “Game Changer” for me. It engages my mind and conditions my entire body. I love the balance of building strength, flexibility, improved posture, and creating long and lean muscles without bulk.”
-– Paulette J., Arlington

“After traveling for two years, I developed a C4/C5 back issue. Through Angela’s guidance and knowledge, I was able to eliminate pain medication and became fully functioning within 8 months.”
-- Bob E., Arlington

“Lily loved her Pilates yesterday. She is already feeling more open and stretched and very excited to continue.”
-- D. H., Winchester